2016 Yearbook Trencianske Teplice, Slovakia

Eva Dreikurs Ferguson shares her powerpoint from the NASAP 2016 conference. The presentation was titled Parenting Styles and Parenting Training

New Italian Journal from the Institute in Milan, Italy

Adlerian Psychology Around the World by Eva Dreikurs Ferguson. An article on ICASSI published in the International Psychology Bulletin in 2012

Article on ICASSI in The Journal of Individual Psychology by Eva Dreikurs Ferguson. An article on ICASSI first published as the article “The Rudolf Dreikurs Summer Institute and ICASSI,” by Eva Dreikurs Ferguson, in Journal of Individual Psychology Volume 68 Issue 3, pp. 210-215. Copyright ©2012 by the University of Texas Press. All rights reserved. Posted here by permission.

Edna Nash Obituary Edna Nash is a beloved teacher at ICASSI who died in 2012. Here is the obituary of a woman of courage and encouragement for others.

Robinson on Parallel News Reprints  by Jane Lawther

Link to Robinson on Parrallel News Reprints  (A link to Jane Lawther’s articles) Dr. Jane Lawther is a regular participant of ICASSI and writes a news column in her South Carolina home newspaper in which she sometimes reviews her classes at ICASSI as a way of sharing what she has learned with her readers.  She has kindly allowed us to publish reprints of those articles in this section.
ROP: Addictions and Early Recollections with Jim Holder 2014

ROP: Positive Intentions: Addictions with Jim Holder 2014

ROP: Basics of Adlerian Psychology with Eva Dreikurs Ferguson 2014

ROP: Encouragement as Treatment with Yoav Shoham 2012

ROP: The Crucial C’s are Necessary for Mental Health with Betty Lou Bettner 2012

ROP: Counseling Questions from a Genius with Gerhard Baumer 2014

ROP: The Challenge of Aging with Bill Linden 2013

ROP: Caregiving the Elderly with Rebecca LaFountain 2012

ROP: Care For Caregivers with Rebecca LaFountain 2012

ROP: Burnout in the Workplace with Karen John 2013

ROP: Adlerian Psychology Then and Now with Eva Dreikurs Ferguson 2012

ICASSI in Romania Some memories from a well-spent summer in Romania

ROP: Adlerian Psychology and Diversity with Eva Dreikurs   A review of Dr. Ferguson’s presentation on Diversity and Individual Psychology

ROP: The Power of Social Life: Eva Dreikurs Ferguson.  A review of a plenary session is presented by Jane.

ROP: Counseling Adolescents: Frank Walton  A review of Dr. Walton’s presentation on Counseling Adolescents

ROP: Discipline in Families and Schools   A review of a presentation by Betty Lou Bettner on Discipline in Families and Schools

ROP: Envy in Intimate Relationships: Bettner and Shifron  A review of a plenary presentation by two veteran faculty

ROP: Emotions in Individual Psychology: Rasmussen  A review of a course by Paul Rasmussen on Emotions in Individual Psychology

ROP: Joy with Paul Rasmussen   A summary of Dr. Rasmussen’s Lecture on Joy reflecting the connection between private logic and positive emotions

ROP: Aspects of Encouragement: Yoav Shoham’s course on Encouragement at ICASSI is reviewed by Jane Lawther.

ROP: Encouragement: Theo Joosten presented a plenary session on Encouragement in Hitzkirch which Jane reviews.

ROP: 10 Principles of Encouragement: Yoav Shoham.  Jane takes 10 basic principles of encouragement from a course by Yoav.

ROP: Cooperation Between the Sexes:  Marion Balla’s presentation on Cooperation Between the Sexes is reviewed by Jane in this article.

ROP: Social Equality Between the Sexes: Zivit Abramson presented a plenary session which Jane reviews.

ROP: Discovering Lifestyle:  Yvonne Schuerer helped us learn how to discover the lifestyle of a client and learn something about ourselves as well.

ROP: Dreams and Dream Analysis: Gerhard Baumer   Dreams: What do they mean? Why this dream or that dream? Adlerian Analyst Gerhard Baumer had some interesting insights for his class at ICASSI.

ROP: Family Meetings: Joyce Callus   Jane reviews a class with Joyce Callus on the importance of family meetings.

ROP: Group Skills, Life Skills: Karen John   Skills in group dynamics are skills for life. This is a review of some basic skills as taught by Karen John

ROP: Groups with Karen John  A review of a course in Group Dynamics with Karen John

ROP: Healthy Living is a Responsibility: Helmut Heuschen developed a healthy city program in his home town in Germany. He gave insights into how healthy living is a social responsibility, not just something to desire for oneself.

ROP: How to Become an Alcoholic: Andrea Salewsky presented a very provocative presentation which is reviewed by Jane in this article.

ROP: Making of the Marlboro Man: Bill Linden presented a course on Gender and Men’s Issues, reviewed here by Jane.

ROP: Men’s Issues with Bill Linden: Jane reviews a course with Bill.

ROP: Addiction to Power: Rachel Shifron and a panel of faculty presented a plenary session of ICASSI that is reviewed by Jane.

ROP: Religious Tolerance: Richard Watts  Jane reviews a course with Richard Watts.

ROP: Self-Administered Life Style: Richard Watts presentation reviewed by Jane.